Having spent the majority of my childhood in a small town just outside of Boston, my Pakistani upbringing and heritage are a large part of my identity. While Lahore is my place of birth, Pakistan has become a distant land, and New England is home. Like other children of immigrants, I embrace my roots through a strong network and supportive parents, food, and fashion. Growing up, it was a delicate balance of being both a proud Pakistani and American – samosas with kashmiri chai, apple pie and a cafe au lait.

Fashion helped bridge the gap and allowed me to maintain a close connection to the motherland.

I am a storyteller, master networker, fashion enthusiast, and mom. With a career in Product Development and Marketing, I work for a government enterprise in Washington, D.C. and live with my wonderful husband, son, and two mischevious cats.

Ridaa Mian Chippa | diya.alifestyleblog@gmail.com