January remains my favorite month of the year and others seem to agree. It marks a clean state, a fresh and exciting new start, while carrying the holiday seasons energy forward. It also marks mine and my husband’s birthday month which is filled with good fun.

With the same premise as “a clean slate,” people often see January as the best month to jumpstart their job search. With new budgets and projects in place, organizations begin to ramp up on hiring, which means many new opportunities!

Here are my tips for developing your 2017 new job game plan.


Social Media Presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, and others)

  • Refine and become more active on Linkedin.
  • Send messages to colleagues, peers, and desirable contacts.
  • Use LinkedIn to identify key contacts and partnerships that may be worthwhile.
  • If local: seek contact information and arrange for coffee, lunch, dinner engagements. Push your agenda/goals/objectives!
  • If international: seek contact information for whatsapp conversations and potential meetings in the future. If appropriate, arrange for in-person meetings during your next visit out, or plan a “networking” specific trip.
  • Existing network – Contact former colleagues, partners, and business professionals for guidance/solicit advice, and ask for help in being connected to their professional circles that you may benefit from. Every single touch point is valuable and most people are more than willing to make introductions.
  • Recruiters – Contact and reach out to recruiters that are aligned to your business area/expertise. Send messages to arrange discussions. The hustle is critical.
  • Continue to keep in regular contact and actively check Linkedin at least twice a week, if not every day.

Physical Presence:

  • Travel to meet well-developed contacts at various destinations in an effort to build stronger partnerships and push your goals/objectives.
  • Try to arrange for interviews/meetings during those trips out.
  • Send follow up messages along with resume information after interactions.
  • Be yourself – Be honest, genuine, and transparent. If you are moving into a new space or industry, be honest and ask for guidance. Leverage new people as sounding boards for what you are thinking. Don’t come in unprepared, otherwise it won’t be as fruitful of an interaction. Everyone should feel valued and not used – its a two-way street.
  • Ask them to introduce you to relevant, appropriate contacts that could help you achieve your goal or like-minded people.
  • Recruiters – Contact several headhunters with your personal narrative – follow up on a weekly basis via a check-in call.
  • Existing network – Contact former colleagues, partners, business professionals for guidance, solicit advice, and ask for help with reaching new people in the external network.
  • Networking events – Are there any in your local area? If not, travel to attend one where people of your caliber are in attendance or of the same industry/interests.
  • Volunteer – Everyone has a passion, a calling. Be sure to find an organization that you can use your time at (even once a month goes a long way) to make a difference and make new contacts. This is something employers love to hear about and reflects well on the well-rounded individual you are.