I had a chance to connect with creative guru, Sam’n Iqbal, over coffee last week. It was one of the most energizing conversations I’ve had in quite a long time. For one, Sam’n and I speak a similar language – both in the creative business of marketing, communications, product development, social media consultancy, and both with a background in fashion and events.

It was a pleasure to talk shop and meet someone with such energy and fervor for the work  they do. With several interesting projects in the works for Sam’n, I focused our discussion on one of her many accomplishments, Allah to Z: An Islamic Alphabet Book. Sam’n is the author and editor of Allah to Z, a children’s book, inspired by her eight year old daughter, Junnah. With a strong passion for education, her goal was to develop a tool that would lead to open and interfaith dialogue. This book was not only intended for the American-Muslim, young reader, but to support non-Muslims in deepening their understanding of Islam in a fun and meaningful way. Along the book, the reader would discover similarities and parallels between Islam and other faiths. Having read Allah to Z several times myself, there were still religious references that I was learning for the very first time.

Success of Allah to Z for Sam’n meant ” a world where she’s bridging the gap in where we go from here, today, and right now. Given this time of extreme polarization and anti-Muslim sentiments, children’s books are one way to educate young minds and their families. There is something for everyone to take away.”

The long-term value for her is “in seeing the change people have after reading the book. Seeing a better world through the eyes of our children and my children.”

Allah to Z addresses parallels of other faiths and helps the reader to understand the fundamentals of what Islam is – a religion of peace and devotion to God (or Allah in Arabic). My three year old son, Hamza, can attest to the quality of the book as he adores Allah to Z for its fun rhymes and colorful narration.

I look forward to seeing what other inspiring projects come to fruition from Sam’n in the months ahead.

To learn more about Allah to Z or to purchase a copy for you or your loved ones, go to Amazon.com or shop here: https://www.amazon.com/Allah-Z-Islamic-Alphabet-Book/dp/0615615627/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1475267501&sr=8-2&keywords=allah+to+z.