Centuries ago, India was ruled by the moghul empire. Royalty of this period had refined taste in several things including jewelry, food, art, and architecture. Jewelry was a way of differentiating elite families from one another and hired artisans crafted unique gems for them to wear to social engagements and in everyday life. It reflected their wealth, power, and prestige in society. Jewelry was also an investment (especially gold) the way land or stocks are today. While people still value family heirlooms as a representation of their lineage, these pieces aren’t worn in everyday life. Though that would be kinda fun, no? A diamond encrusted broach to accompany that Jcrew suit? Ha. One place where the fancies can still be seen is in Bollywood – especially in period films.

My mom’s keen eye and love for gems has sparked an interest in me. My wedding was an opportunity to wear family heirlooms that my mom had been collecting since I was a child. Some new pieces were also purchased to coordinate with my wedding clothes.

With an interest in old world and regal craftsmanship, I knew I had to work with a modern jeweler that was tried and tested, authentic and kind, but that also carried old world gems – Sapna was that for me! Sapna is the curator of Sapna Creations, a blend of traditional south asian jewels with modern luxury and charm. I purchased most of my wedding gems from her collection and was blown away with its beauty and elegance. Not only is Sapna the kind of person you’d want to work with, but she’s the kind of person you’d want to build a longstanding friendship with too. As pleasant and beautiful as she is, she’ll serve as your consultant to help you select pieces that makes sense for your lifestyle and that are versatile and practical. She will talk you out of pieces, knowing that certainly pieces will be less worn than others – and that’s awesome.

Whether you’re looking for semi-precious stones, a polki or kundan wedding set, emerald string or a classic diamond solitaire, Sapna has all of it. Based out of Centreville, VA, Sapna has run her business for over a decade. She has everything to do with my wedding jewels so take a look for yourself.