Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer make up Sana Safinaz, a revered, time-tested fashion brand in Pakistan. In the last few decades, Sana and Safinaz have established a business that includes retail chains and a large ecommerce presence. They supply ensembles to women around the globe. Having recently dressed Oscar Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, their workmanship was visible to the international audience and with that came a great deal of acclaim and scrutiny. Sana Safinaz have understood what the majority of their clients, made up of mainly women in Pakistan, want – they’ve understood the cultural, social, and religious barriers to many designs that would not work in an Islamic country. What they have been able to do is construct garments that are luxurious, high-quality, and high fashion through delicate fabrics, embroidery, color and pattern.

I’ve been a Sana Safinaz fan for more than a decade now, having worn a Sana Safinaz to one of my main wedding events – the nikkah or Islamic wedding ceremony. The outfit reflected Sana and Safinaz – sophisticated, graceful, and cut to perfection. Below are some examples of their latest collection – breathtakingly beautiful.