I had a chance to speak with Nomi Ansari at the end of his formal exhibition in Washington, D.C. just about three years ago. He was kind and generous with his time that evening. It was clearly obvious that Nomi was passionate about the art of design and possessed a discerning eye for colors, cuts, and embellishments that hadn’t been done before. His exhibition was a collection of vibrant colors, textures and adornments. Models walked the runway in unique pieces that were not only stunning but practical. A piece from his collection would fit seamlessly into a bridal trousseau and used as a main day event ensemble for a Mehendi, Dholki, Gaya Holud, Pooja ceremony or any other festive and traditional occasion.

In a short period of time, Nomi has built a brand name and design empire. Fashion-conscious men and women are often seen wearing Nomi Ansari and his style and use of color make his pieces a delightful giveaway. I look forward to seeing what his next collection brings to the world of fashion.