I had the opportunity to meet Deepak Perwani several years ago when he was exhibiting his latest collection in Washington, D.C. We met at a private residence which hosted a viewing after the formal exhibition earlier that week. Deepak was humble, forthcoming and incredibly transparent. It was clear in that brief interaction what energized and inspired him. I learned about Deepak Perwani the fashion designer and humanitarian and how they were one and the same.

Deepak, aside from being a prominent and established international fashion designer, is a humanitarian. He’s devoted to bridging the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate, and in providing opportunities to improve the conditions for the poor. He is devoted to end poverty.

Over the last two decades, Deepak Perwani has transformed the face of menswear in Pakistan, and earned international acclaim. He dresses both men and women in sophisticated ensembles of high-quality and style. Having worn his pieces, I can truly speak to the quality of his pieces and the emphasis on drama.

Talk about a feel good and do good designer.




deepak 2
Deepak Perwani


deepak 1
Deepak Perwani